Capacity Building

In collaboration with partner organisations, capacity building activities provide assistance to Member States in the form of exchange of resource persons within Member states in and out of the region, and provision of equipment enabling fisheries technical and control officers, to positively influence the sustainable management of fisheries resources. Capacity building activities also provide equipment and other tools for member states to better manage, e.g. a regional vehicle monitoring system, regional fisheries database, Basecamp (the platform for intelligence and in information sharing among fisheries control officers). Member states also enjoy the opportunity to acquire education in fisheries-related programmes in the sub-region and beyond.

WATF Training Documents

FCWC WATF Phrase Book

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FCWC WATF Photo Manual

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FCWC WATF Document Verification Manual

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Capacity Building Activities of the FCWC

FCWC Signs Capacity-Building MOU with Regional Maritime University

TM-Tracking Builds FCWC RMCSC Capacity

FCWC-FAO-FIRMS Organizes Regional Fisheries Statistics Capacity Building Workshop