Imports: Mainly whole fresh and frozen fish from West Africa, Europe and Asia

Exports: No significant exports

Port: Cotonou serves as a sea outlet for the Republic of Niger and as a secondary port for Nigeria.

Ministry Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries
Minister Mr. Gaston DOSSOUHOUI
Director Urbain BRITO
Head of MCS Bernard Tossi
Country Flag
Length of coastline (km) 121
Area of EEZ (km2)   30,024
Contribution of fish to animal protein consumed 31.3%
Contribution of fisheries to GDP   2.42%
Bottom trawlers   5
Shrimp trawlers   -
Pole and line vessels   7
Tuna purse seiners   3
Sardine purse seiners   -
Longliners   -