FCWC Strategic Action Plans

During the Third Meeting of the Conference of Ministers in Accra, Ghana in December 2009, the Committee agreed to develop a strategic plan from 2011 through 2020 to guide its activities. The plan outlines FCWC’s envisaged strategic intents over the next ten years. It is a clear expression of the Committee’s continued commitment to ensure the sustainable development of fisheries and demonstrates FCWC’s support to its Member states to protect their aquatic ecosystems, ensure the sustainable use of their aquatic resources, and improve the economic and social benefits of their inhabitants now and future.

The Plan is a result of a collective consultative process involving the Committee, Member States’ stakeholders and FCWC partners. In the elaboration and implementation of this strategic plan the Committee is guided by the principles and tenets of the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, the principles of Sustainable Development and the Millennium Development Goals

Most importantly, the Strategic Plan identifies the steps needed to turn strategies into action, monitor progress, and adjust course when necessary. The Committee will implement and monitor its Strategic Plan on a continuing basis. Among other things, this will occur through the development of three-year rolling Business/Action plans identifying specific tasks. The Committee will develop measurable indicators to allow members and their constituents to monitor the Committee’s progress towards achieving its broad-scale objectives; and will progressively introduce significant improvements in management systems and tools to further enhance results-based management, ensure excellence in management and help construct a robust inter-governmental culture for the sustainable development of fisheries in the West Central Gulf of Guinea.

FCWC’s Strategic Plans