January 7, 2021
Bird-scaring lines in action in a Namibian longline fishery © John Paterson

Namibian Fishery Reduces Seabird Deaths by 98%

November 24, 2020
Namibia-industrial-fish-processing - Photo courtesy of Seawork

Namibia revels in MSC certification of hake fishery

October 4, 2019
Chinese vessels conducting an in-port transshipment. This and offloads are supposed to take place under the eye of national fisheries inspectors but capacity and access issues in West Africa often result in limited oversight. © Anonymous

How Ghana’s weak penalties are letting trawlers off the hook

August 15, 2019
Illustration - Ghana artisanal fishing harbour : image credit-FCWC-CPCO

Senegal strives to achieve MSC certification through new project

August 6, 2019
Nigeria fish production farming

‘Fishery resources underestimated in Nigeria’

August 2, 2019
Nigeria FG flag

Nigeria, others to boost global fish revenue by $32bn

March 1, 2019
Madagascar launches its first octopus fishery improvement project

Madagascar launches its first octopus fishery improvement project

August 14, 2018
Nigeria - fishery

Nigeria: FG, Ogun State boost fishery production

July 26, 2018
Mauritania flag

A New Accord between Senegal and Mauritania will not be a solution to West African Fishery Woes