October 8, 2019
Flag of Niger

Niger: Fish Farming in Northern Niger boosts Local Economy

August 22, 2019
Ghana - Fisheries and Coastal Management in Contemporary Times

Ghana: United States of America Supports Ghana’s fisheries and coastal environment development agenda

July 31, 2019
PSMA - West Afria map

Benin and Liberia become party to the Port State Measures Agreement

July 22, 2019
Ghana Navy personnel

Ghana confab of navy chiefs focuses on Gulf of Guinea piracy

July 5, 2019
Tunisia: Africa’s Small-Scale Fisheries Critical to Food Security

Tunisia: Africa’s small-scale fisheries critical to food security

June 29, 2019
Nigeria fish business

Nigeria to establish fish processing company, train 2,500 youths

February 5, 2019

Blue Oceans Conference – International Conference

March 1, 2018
Photo by Toon van Dijk Due to increasingly meager catches, many traditionalist fishermen in Senegal and other countries along Africa's west coast seek out better employment in Europe or try to survive by adopting alternative livelihoods like hunting ocean bushmeat.

West Africa: International fishing trawlers are driving up demand for ocean bushmeat in West Africa

October 12, 2016
Indonesia : Illegal Fishing is International Crime - Jokowi

Indonesia: Illegal Fishing is International Crime – Jokowi