Aquaculture Development

Aquaculture is the regular production of aquatic plants and animals under controlled conditions. Approximately 90% of fish produced in West Africa comes from artisanal capture fisheries (from the sea and inland waters) and from cultured fisheries.

Aquaculture continues to be the fastest growing animal food-producing sector in West Africa. The FCWC is working regionally to support effective fisheries management to maximise the benefits of aquaculture to the region through:

  • The reduction of post-harvest losses.
  • Working to ensure that sufficient, good quality fish and fish products are produced locally to meet the nutritional needs of our region at affordable cost.
  • Providing support to ensure that enough fish is produced for exportation to earn foreign exchange, create wealth, generate employment and enhance the socio-economic status of our rural fisher folks.

The FCWC mission is to create an enabling environment for the sustainable development of fisheries in the region to a level of self sufficiency in fish production, both capture and culture fisheries, as well as encouraging efficient utilization of fish and rational exploitation of the resources with adequate conservation measures put in place to ensure sustainability.