DEMERSTEM Project launching workshop

Group photo - DEMERSTEM Project launching workshop
The Fisheries Committee for the West Central Gulf of Guinea (FCWC) is participating in a launching workshop from 5th-8th March 2019 in Mbour, Senegal to validate the DEMERSTEM project’s first year workplan and its coordination with other projects and initiatives in West Africa.

Mrs Abena Serwah Asante, Fisheries Technical Adviser representing the FCWC at the meeting spoke concerning the project, stating “this PESCAO Result 3 DEMERSTEM Project will enhance implementation of FCWC management plans to rebuild fish stocks in our region by providing us with the actionable data needed to make information-based decisions.”

The DEMERSTEM is one of three projects being implemented to fulfill of the PESCAO project’s Result 3: to improve marine resources management at the regional level, enhance resilience of marine and coastal ecosystems to perturbations. The DEMERSTEM project is a collaborative project between 10 research and educational institutions primarily aimed at improving and supporting the production of scientific advice on the status of demersal species stocks to serve fisheries management and thus enable the sustainable exploitation of fisheries under national jurisdiction (EEZ) of partner countries in West Africa.

The expected results of this meeting are the finalization of coordination arrangements between PESCAO Component 3 projects and internal plus external partners (projects and institutions); the adoption of work programs for data collection; and the adoption of administrative and financial procedures.

FCWC Secretariat

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