Consultation on sustainable use of aquatic living resources in Tokyo

Consultation on Sustainable Use of Aquatic Living Resources in Tokyo
The Secretary-General of FCWC, Mr. Seraphin Dedi, is attending the Meeting on Sustainable Use of Aquatic Living Resources in Tokyo, from June 21 to 22, 2018, as an observer. The meeting brings together supporters of the Sustainable Use of Fisheries Resources mainly from ATLAFCO member countries, the Japan Fisheries Agency, and regional fisheries bodies.

To achieve sustainable use of aquatic living resources through proper conservation and management, the meeting considers close, in-person interaction an indispensable opportunity to share recent progress, to discuss potential strategies for coping with the issues of concern, and to establish possible common courses of action among supporters of Sustainable Use in preparation for upcoming important international meetings such as IWC67 and CITES CoP18.

Attending this preparatory meeting for both International Whaling Commission (IWC67) and CITES on behalf of the Committee for the first time, the Secretary-General expressed his gratitude to the Japan Fisheries Agency and his hope that this will strengthen the coordination of Sustainable Use of fisheries resources in the Gulf of Guinea region, as well as facilitate implementation of the Regional Fisheries Management Plan recently approved by the FCWC Member States.

“Sustainable Use of aquatic living resources is an essential principle for food security, job opportunity, income and livelihood of people whole over the world. It is also an indispensable part of tradition, culture, and identity in various communities around the world,” said Secretary-General Seraphin Dedi.

However, when it comes to some aquatic species such as whales, sharks, corals and other so-called charismatic species, anti-use camps have categorically denied this principle. Such opposition against sustainable use is driven by emotion rather than science according to Japan and its supporters.

Secretariat FCWC

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