Conference on financing sustainable and climate-resistant ocean economies in Africa

Ocean Economies
The Government of the Seychelles and the World Bank are organizing a second Ocean Economies conference that will take place in the Seychelles on February 22-23, 2018. The main objective of this conference is to advance the agenda of maximizing finance for development in the blue economy, by optimizing the use of scarce public resources and crowding in private investment.

The Secretary-General of the FCWC, Seraphin Dedi is attending the conference to lend his expertise and share the experiences of the FCWC region while advancing the organization's objective to enhance its standing in international meetings.

“Our chosen theme for the year 2018, is ‘Investing for Growth and Sustainability in Fisheries’ which obviously focuses on financing and its importance in fisheries development. This conference in Seychelles aims to enhance knowledge on how we can maximize finance to support sustainable blue economy initiatives in sub-sectors like fisheries. So it is essential that I attend to engage in these discussions focused on solutions and seize any opportunity” Mr. Dedi said.

The conference is preceded by a workshop on February 19-21 2018 on lessons learnt and best practices in the implementation of successful fisheries and aquaculture projects in SWIOFISH region, a World Bank funded project.

The workshop will give an opportunity to journalists and fisheries experts of the region to meet and understand their roles and share their experiences in promoting visibility of the fisheries activities.

‘’It is a recognition of the role of media in sustainable management of Natural Resources through awareness development ‘’ said Sue Pleming, Communication Officer, World Bank.

The main conference will bring together, in addition to the group of journalists, representatives from various African countries, development partners, international organizations, private investors, scientists, civil society and academia to share expertise, discuss lessons learned, and engage in pragmatic discussions focused on financial solutions to build the resilience of ocean economies to climate change.
FCWC Secretariat

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