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Etat des lieux des statistiques halieutiques au Nigeria - 2016

The total fish demand for Nigeria based on the 2014 population estimate of 180m is 3.32m Mt. The domestic fish production from Aquaculture, Artisanal and Industrial fisheries for 2014 is 1.123m Mt. Also in 2014, fisheries contributed 0.48% to the Agriculture GDP and contribution of Agriculture to GDP (2014) was 20.24%.

The Fisheries Data Management Unit under Fisheries Support Services Division is the Unit responsible for Fisheries Statistics data collection, collation, analysis and reporting for the 36 States plus FCT. As at 2016 the following statistical activities were coordinated by this Unit:

  1. Fish Frame Survey in 2007: This survey covered mainly Artisanal and Aquaculture fisheries. The analysed report provided the Department with data on Artisanal Fisheries Landing sites location in 36 State and Federal Capital Territory (FCT); available Infrastructure in Fishing village; fishing gears per State in 2007, population of Fishing Folks per State; types of Fishing Craft used in the States etc. while under Aquaculture, data on no of Fish Farms and Ownership in 2007; Fish Farm with Hatchery data; no of fingerlings produced. The 2007 Fish Frame Survey Report has served as baseline data for the Country.
  2. Annual Statistics Review Meeting: The 2013 Departmental Annual Fisheries Statistics Review Meeting was held in June 2013 to review the status of fisheries statistics in the Country. Participant for the two day Workshop were drawn from the 36 State Departments of Fisheries including FCT. The meeting reviewed the level of data collecting activities in the State covering Industrial, Artisanal and Aquaculture and. Agreed on a uniformed data collecting procedure.
  3. Resuscitation of the State Sub-Committee on Fisheries Statistics: In August 2013, the Department resuscitated the State Sub-Committee on Fisheries Statistics in all the State and FCT. The Committee which was chaired by the Permanent Secretary (PS) in the States has the responsibility to coordinate Fisheries and Aquaculture data collection in the States before they are sent to the headquarters for record and analysis. The Committee is made up of stakeholders in the sector and their activities is still on-going.
  4. Geographic Information System (GIS) Training for Fisheries Officer: In November 2013, the Department trained 42 Fisheries Officer drawn from Federal Field Offices on Geographic Information System (GIS). This training enable the Officers to acquire the skill of using Global Positioning System (GPS) to collect data on location coordinates. The objective of this training was to enable Landing sites and Fish Farms data collection to be precise and reliable by the use of coordinates in data reporting.

Activities for 2016 -2019

  • Collection of fisheries data nationwide (Inland, Marine, Aquaculture)
  • Production of data collection format forms
  • Training Enumerators and Supervisors on the reporting formats
  • Production of Nigeria fisheries statistics yearbook
   General Constraints

  • Poor field allowances to the Enumerators and Supervisors
  • Lack of monitoring of Enumerators activities

Fisheries data Management Unit is focusing on generating reliable fisheries statistics for Nigeria by positioning the staff in acquiring skills of data management through capacity building and seeking collaboration with other Agency generating fisheries data for harmonization and cooperation for effective result.

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