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+233(0)303 20 5323      secretariat@fcwc-fish.org
Develop business with fishery


"The fisheries sector, including aquaculture, is an important source of employment and income in the developing world.

World aquaculture production, for example, is dominated by low-income, food-deficit countries (LIFDCs).

Artisanal fishers increase family food security not only through their earnings, but also with the discards they put on the family table.

Fishing is often a part-time or seasonal occupation, peaking when coastal and offshore resources are most abundant."(FAO)

As part of its activities, FCWC wants to help develop the business surrounding fishery activities. As such this part of our site is dedicated to advertise the business opportunities that arise in the region.

Studies have been conducted in order to raise the awareness that fish trade represents. We are providing below a link to documents related to those studies.

Click on the link:  FISH TRADE DOCUMENTS

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